Poly Suspension Bushings

For All Cars & Driving Types

Powerflex Stock Replacement Type Car

Stock Replacement

Save money by doing the job once!  Replace failed mass-production stock parts with premium urethane bushings engineered for a Lifetime of noise and harshness-free service.

Powerflex Street Performance Type Car

Street Performance

You've spent good money on shocks and coilovers to lower your car, but sloppy stock bushings are holding you back.  Our urethane bushings with geometry correction make it handle as well as it looks!

Powerflex Track and Racing Type Car

Track Dominance

The Powerflex Black Series line features high durometer urethane and machined aluminum components in both standard and geometry-adjustable designs for the ultimate in handling performance.

Premium Materials


Powerflex proprietary premium-grade polyurethane is both mixed and injected in an automated, environmentally controlled production facility to ensure consistency.  All hard-parts are CNC machined from stainless steel and aluminum alloys.  Only the best materials are used in Powerflex bushings so you retain your cars superior ride quality.

Powerflex serves the European and specialty automotive and performance markets in which consumers know that quality materials and precision manufacturing result in a better product.  Why should your bushings be any different from the rest of your car?

why Poly?

Powerflex bushing installed in control arm
Powerflex engineering diagram

Engineered Solutions

Stock bushings are often based on simple designs, focused on cost-effective production and a warranty-period service life, and often not the best or more durable solution.  Powerflex is a true engineering company with an arsenal of innovative solutions for failure-prone and poorly performing stock parts.  Powerflex's ISO 9001 production facility has the technical capability to bring these designs to life and to your car.

We believe when you buy a performance suspension bushing, you deserve more than urethane poured into a mold made from the same stock parts that you are replacing!

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