Improved Response, Precision, High-Speed Stability

For BMW E82 1-Series, E9X 3-Series, E89 Z-Series
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Improved Response, Precision, High-Speed Stability

Adjustable Front Tension Arm Bushings

If you own a BMW E82 1-Series or E90/E92 3-Series, you're probably someone who likes to put performance and handling above everything else. That's true whether you drive a 1M, M3, or any non-M version of these generations of BMWs. They offer good performance in stock form and even better with some suspension modifications.

BMW's legendary handling performance in these cars can be dialed up a notch with Powerflex direct-fit Adjustable Front Tension Arm Bushings, which are also more durable than the factory bushings

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Direct-Fit Adjustability

All Powerflex parts are designed to fit as well as factory parts, and these Adjustable Front Tension Arm Bushings add the ability to fine tune caster by up to +/-0.75°. 

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In-House Engineering

CNC-machined offset stainless-steel center rings, steel outer shells, and 95A durometer bushing material ensure improved load distribution and precision.

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Black Series Bushing Material

Our Black Series bushing material is used to ensure high levels of stability, responsiveness, and confidence at speed. Spanner wrench is included 

A Difference You Can Feel

The original design of our non-adjustable Front Tension Arm Bushings (PFF5-401BLK) were already a fast improvement over OEM bushings, but our new adjustable version (PFF5-401GBLK) clearly takes the performance to another level. (Note: The design of the non-adjustable version has been updated but doesn't have the offset center rings for adjustability)

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Radial load comparison of OEM BMW tension arm bushings (red), original non-adjustable Powerflex Tension Arm Bushings (blue), and the new Tension Arm Bushings design (black).

Why Powerflex?

Because The Ultimate Can Be Even Better

Powerflex bushings are engineered for each individual application. Our premium bushings improve performance, increase tire life, and enhance safety. Plus, every Powerflex part comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so you never have to worry about replacement parts again.

Our proprietary blended urethanes last longer than run-of-the-mill polyurethane you might find elsewhere. Powerflex polyurethane is formulated specifically for automotive applications that have unique environmental factors like vibration, oil, and varying load-types, yet our Street options display minimal NVH if any at all, even in instances where our engineers have opted for Black Series bushings as the ideal option for street use.

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Improved Response, Precision, High-Speed Stability
PowerflexUSA December 26, 2021
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