Eliminate Torque Steer
for Ford Focus Mk2 (including ST and RS), Mazda3 & Volvo C30/C70/S40/V50
18 March, 2020 by
Eliminate Torque Steer

Anti-Lift Front Control Arm Rear Bushings with Offset Caster

The Mk2 Ford Focus, including the ST and RS performance models, as well as the platform-sharing Mazda3 and Volvo C30/S40/V40 are all extremely fun-to-drive cars with one exception. They have a well-known tendency toward torque steer during spirited driving because of their front-wheel-drive layout.

The new Powerflex Front Control Arm Rear Bushing Anti-Lift & Caster Offset part is engineered to provide revised suspension geometry for vastly improved handling and responsiveness while virtually eliminating the fun-killing torque steer. 

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Premium Hardware

Available with Street (Shore 80A) or Race/Black Series (Shore 95A) bushing material and CNC-machined aluminum mounts and associated hardware.

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Improved Geometry

Tire contact with road surfaces is maximized anti-lift geometry and 1 degree of caster offset for improved grip, decreased understeer, and enhanced drive confidence.

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Lifetime Warranty

From the CNC-machined housings to stainless steel hardware and a choice of Street or Race bushings, all Powerflex parts come with a Lifetime Warranty.

The Powerflex Difference

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Data doesn't lie

You can see from the chart above that the difference in performance goes well beyond just a superficial feel behind the wheel. Street-grade Powerflex bushings provide a vast improvement over the original factory rubber bushings without any increase in NVH. For those with ultimate performance goals and less concern about NVH, Powerflex Race/Black Series bushings show an even greater improvement in precision and response.

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Why Powerflex

Because Quality Matters

Powerflex bushings are engineered for each individual application. Our premium bushings improve performance, increase tire life, and enhance safety. Plus, every Powerflex part comes with a Lifetime Warranty, so you never have to worry about replacement parts again.

Eliminate Torque Steer
18 March, 2020
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