Powerflex BMW / Mini Jack Pad Adapter

Lift your BMW and MINI safety and securely!
February 18, 2019 by
Powerflex BMW / Mini Jack Pad Adapter

If you have worked on your own BMW or MINI (late model) you have probably run into the same problem we have.  Our jack is not designed to fit the jack point.  Or your BMW/MINI is not designed for your jack.  Solutions exist but we think our Powerflex jack pad adapter is the perfect combination of material, price and fit.

Made from our Black 95A durometer polyurethane for durability (lifetime warranty included), this new tool fits into the lifting points of over 60 modern models of BMW and MINI.

Designed to fit into the original rectangular plastic lifting point, improve stability while protecting the underside of your car.

To use, simply place our Jack Pad on your jack, align with the recess in the original plastic lifting point and lift the car safely and securely.

Visit the Jack Pad Adapter page HERE

Powerflex BMW / Mini Jack Pad Adapter
PowerflexUSA February 18, 2019
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