Aveo/Kalos (2002-2011)
Cruze MK1 J300 (2008-2016)
Lacetti (2003-2010)
Malibu MK8 (2012 - 2017)
Matiz M100 & M150 (1998-2008)
Orlando J309 (2011-2018)
Vectra Mk1 (2008-2017)
Volt Mk1 (2010-2015)

Chevrolet Matiz M100 & M150 (1998-2008) Suspension Bushings

Powerflex's special polyurethane is an advanced material with unique properties. Upgrade your Matiz M100 & M150 (1998-2008) with high performance bushings, bushings that won't cause vibration or noise and include a Lifetime Warranty.


  • PFF73-203 fits a 21mm diameter anti roll bar, please measure before ordering
  • PFF73-205 and PFF73-206 only fits models from 2000 to 2005
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