VW/Audi Magnetic Jack Pad Adapter

Floor jack adapter to lift your VW/Audi safely and securely

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PF3-1662 Magnetic Jack Pad is a CNC-machined anodised Jack Pad with a built-in magnet to work with OE lifting adaptors, 8N0803855 and 8N0804583, that many owners may already have fitted. Its magnetic head self-locates into the recess of the metal OE adaptor ensuring a safe and solid lift every time. For those that don't have the OE lifting adaptors, PF3-1663 Jacking Point Insert is a 95A durometer polyurethane bung that presses up into the vacant hole in the chassis providing a fit and forget solution for safer lifting. In both cases, once fitted, simply lift without the worry of any underbody damage to yours or your customer's vehicle.

Fits Vehicles with the OEM jacking point 8N0 804 583 & 8N0 803 855 already fitted, shown below.


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