Audi A5 B8 MLB (2007-2017) Front Lower Radius Arm to Chassis Bushing (65mm)

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Diameter: 65mm

This part fits arms with a 65mm diameter bushing, for 75mm bushings, please use PFF3-702. This is a replacement part that, in our Street series application, is over 100% stiffer than the original rubber bushing to withstand increased loading seen by this position on the car. For a caster adjustable option, please use PFF3-802G.

OEM Part Number: 8K0407183A

OEM Part Number: 8K0407693N / 8K0407694N

OE / OEM Cross Reference Numbers: 8K0407183A / 8K0407693N / 8K0407694N
This parts fits the following models.

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