MINI Gen 1 Front Control Arm Rear Bushing

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This part replaces OEM Part Numbers: 31126757551, 31122318452

Fitting Instructions:

1. Remove the front lower arm and rear mounting bracket.

2. Remove the arm from the bush and remove the bush from the bracket, make sure you note which way the bracket faces on the car.

3. Clean any dirt and rust from the arm and bracket. Lightly roughen the bore of the bracket with some emery paper.

4. Apply a light smear of washing up liquid around the tapered lip of the larger polyurethane outer bush. Push the tapered end into the forward facing end of the bracket making sure the lip pops through the back end to hold the bush in position.

5. Slide the washer onto the hexagon pin of the arm with the recess facing the arm to miss the welds, then slide the smaller polyurethane inner bush onto the hexagon of the arm.

6. Apply some of the supplied grease to the outside of the inner bush and to the inside of the larger outer bush.

7. Fit the bracket and bush back onto the arm and bush, the inner bush will fit into the recess on the larger bush so the washer touches the larger bush.

8. Refit the arm and bracket back onto the car.

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