Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, VW Touareg Front Subframe Bushings

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Worn OE front subframe bushings can often be the cause of knocking and front end instability.  PFF85-1605 Front Subframe Mounting Bushings come in two halves with a separate aluminum center sleeve to save labor time, providing an easy to install, fit-and-forget, lifetime warrantied solution.

If your vehicle is clunky over bumps or hard to keep in a straight line, the chances are you need Powerflex subframe bushings.

Installation Instructions Link

Install Instructions:

1. Remove the original bushings from the subframe.

2. Clean any dirt and corrosion from the bore of the

subframe and file off any sharp edges.

3. Push the polyurethane A part, with the thinner lip,

into the bore of the subframe from the top, as shown in

figure 1.

4. Push the polyurethane B part, with the thicker lip,

into the bore of the subframe from the bottom as

shown in figure 1.

5. Apply some of the supplied grease to the bore of the

polyurethane parts, and insert the stainless steel sleeve

into the bore from the top until it sits flush with the top

surface of the bushing.

6. Fit a zinc plated washer over the steel cup, so that the

washer is sitting on the lip of the cup. Push the cup and

washer into the bushing from the bottom, as shown at right.

7. Refit to the chassis using the original bolt and

tension all hardware to manufacturers recommended

torque settings. 

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OE / OEM Cross Reference Numbers: 7L0 599 035 A / 7P0 499 035 / 955 341 133 01
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