VW Golf Mk7/Passat/Tiguan, Audi A3/S3/TT Front Lower Engine Mount Hybrid Bushing (Large) B

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PFF85-833 replaces the lower half of the original bushing (OEM part number 5Q0198 037 B) and includes an insert to fill the voids in the upper bushing. This unique bushing has been designed to be fitted without removing the subframe from the vehicle, and avoids associated wheel alignment costs.

Replacement of the OEM stretch (torque to yield) bolt is highly recommended. The OEM part number for this bolt is N-912-010-01. The torque specification remains the same (95 ft-lb.).

OEM Part Number: 5Q0198037F

OEM Part Number: For mounting - 5Q0198037B

OEM Part Number: For bolt - N-912-010-01


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