Honda Civic Type R K20A 7th Gen Front Engine Mount Inserts

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Urethane insert to fill the voids in the original rubber engine mount. The original rubber mount is built for absolute noise and vibration suppression. The soft rubber soaks up NVH to make the ride quieter and more forgiving. But for many enthusiasts the stock rubber has too much comfort and not enough performance. Powerflex offers multiple bushing options for those looking to improve handling and response.

These urethane inserts take up the spaces in the stock rubber bushing. You do not have to remove the bushing or mount to install. Simply pop these into place for an easy and hassle-free upgrade. The stiffer urethane works with the stock rubber to reduce movement and deflection. Inserts are an effective way of reducing engine and transmission movement, improving power delivery and sharpening gear shifting. Inserts can also prolong the life of the stock bushing now that it cannot flex as much. Ride comfort and noise remains unchanged.

Fits in the original K20A/K20A2 front engine mount, Honda OEM part number 50840-S6M-J00.

OE / OEM Cross Reference Numbers: 50840-S6M-J00 / 50840-S6M-J01
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